Get your paper

Some days the doubt is crippling, especially when you aren’t confident in where you step next. The working world is largely dedicated to keeping the “status quo” for most of us looking for work:

“Can we contact your current employer?”

“How about your social media?”

“What is your desired salary?”

The balance continually favors the employers, it favors those “in charge” … think about it — while we (individuals) need work, we need income, they are the ones with the jobs that they need filled.

They need you.

The trick is not to give up that power that we have as individual candidates. Yes, there is competition between candidates … but that doesn’t mean hate. We need to respect one another, we need to hustle, we need to take the power back.

My last 2 positions have been met with one fact up front — I have goals (“in 5 years, I plan on going into business for myself as a consultant”). I’m at year 2 and I have my own business, and my consultancy is on its way to legitimacy.

But I can’t do it without the hustle, without the passion, the blood, the sweat and the damn tears. Get on your grind and go get your paper.



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