Myrtle Beach sunrise, August 2018 (courtesy of the author)

It was just over 2 years ago that I walked out of my job and started the next phase(s) of my career and life. I had sensed the writing on the wall but had denied what was written there. My employer was not interested in dedicating proper resources to myself or my team, with no change in the expectation for success.

I was gullible and fallible — I believed what I was being told, not what I was being shown. As such, I went along with the dog & pony show for a bit too long before I made a move. It was a tough pill to swallow that I busted my ass, but it was never going to be enough.

This is one (of many) toxic cultures that fester in the corporate world, and it’s not something that will go away soon. There’s always something “more” that you can do, often with “less” to do it with. Yes, there are exceptions to prove the rule. But they’re just that — exceptions.

I’ve spent months advocating for increased resources for my team — just to be able to do what is asked of us. I’ve been told “it’s coming” — but the picture I see says the opposite.

Invest in your resources, grow those resources — this is life advice that goes as much for us as individuals as it does for the corporate culture. Look at sports for example — specifically, the Golden State Warriors. This season they’re well into the luxury tax that ownership will pay … why? Because Joe Lacob is willing to spend his money to ensure his team has resources to succeed on and off the court.


So what do we, individuals, do with this? Dedicate the resources into yourself. Grow your hustle — easier said than done. I know this for fact. But it’s what we gotta do … because your raise at work might get you 3%. But 3% doesn’t even cover the increased cost of goods in society. So who’s going to look out for you?


No one else can do the best job but you. It’s time to get that paper. Don’t settle for less, settle for happiness.



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